Debut album SIMMERING

...That's right! It's official. The hard work has been done and the album is now in the slow cooker, ready for the end of the year. We had a brilliant couple of days at AIR Studios just before Christmas and recorded eight of our own compositions which will make up our debut album. Exciting stuff! Safe to say that everyone pulled it out of the bag when it came to the crunch, and it was particularly special to hear our pieces back played and recorded so well - since we're always the ones playing them in the band. Right now we're on the verge of making a start on mixing the tracks, amongst planning the album release and other logistics. We can't wait to get it out there, it's all set to be a corker! Sit tight in the meantime though and we'll give you a nudge when it's on the home straight.

Next up we have a gig at Balabam in London on April 7th so do get down to that if you're free. Should be a good one, especially riding off the boost of recording the album. We may (MAY) have some new tunes too....

By the way, hope you're liking the new site. We had a bit of a freshen up for 2018. Hopefully lots more good stuff in the pipeline to happen this year.

Patchwork Jazz Orchestra