Debut album SIMMERING

...That's right! It's official. The hard work has been done and the album is now in the slow cooker, ready for the end of the year. We had a brilliant couple of days at AIR Studios just before Christmas and recorded eight of our own compositions which will make up our debut album. Exciting stuff! Safe to say that everyone pulled it out of the bag when it came to the crunch, and it was particularly special to hear our pieces back played and recorded so well - since we're always the ones playing them in the band. Right now we're on the verge of making a start on mixing the tracks, amongst planning the album release and other logistics. We can't wait to get it out there, it's all set to be a corker! Sit tight in the meantime though and we'll give you a nudge when it's on the home straight.

Next up we have a gig at Balabam in London on April 7th so do get down to that if you're free. Should be a good one, especially riding off the boost of recording the album. We may (MAY) have some new tunes too....

By the way, hope you're liking the new site. We had a bit of a freshen up for 2018. Hopefully lots more good stuff in the pipeline to happen this year.

Patchwork Jazz Orchestra
We're making an album!

We're hugely excited to announce that we will be recording our debut album at the end of this year at the prestigious AIR Studios! We cannot wait and are thrilled to officially record our music for the first time in such a fantastic space. Our only dilemma right now is deciding what to record, as we probably have enough music for two albums right now! Either way, it's going to be great and we have plenty of time to think about that.

Last night we had a great gig at Omnibus Clapham (hopefully with some photos and videos to follow) and are looking ahead to our next outing which will be on June 13th at the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden as part of the 'Woodburner' Festival, which runs every Tuesday from June to September. Details can currently be found here on Facebook. Hope to see you there!


3 is the magic number

....and we have 3 bits of news for you

Hello again! So it's about time we updated you all with what's going on as we've got some more exciting things coming up... First of all we're looking ahead to our London Jazz Festival gig at the 606 (Sunday November 13th 1:30pm). Really thrilled to have been included in this year's programme, especially since the band launched itself with its first ever gig at 2014's festival. Blimey it only feels like yesterday!

Next in the pipeline is our second instalment of 'Patchwork'! Our first one back in April was a really fantastic night and a huge success. We had some great bands, DJs, face paint artists and most importantly lots of wonderful people to share it with us. If you haven't checked out the photos yet in the 'gallery' then head over there to catch a glimpse on what you missed out on (or reminisce on the good times you had if you were there!) Patchwork 2.0 is going to be even bigger and better. We're planning it right now, stay tuned...

Another bit of recent news is the lovely Omnibus in Clapham have invited us to play there next year. This venue is a favourite among many of us, having played there many times before with various small groups (often led by a member of the orchestra). They've never had a band this size though, let alone us. Whatever have they let themselves in for...

Well that's all for now, we'll see you at the 606 on November 13th - don't miss it!

Patchwork Jazz Orchestra
'Patchwork' countdown

Wow, suddenly It's less than a month to go now until our first ever 'Patchwork' night! We are so excited to be putting this on. There's been lots of planning over the past few weeks and months and we have some great people involved - it's going to be a corker! Here's a short video we made to whet your appetite...


We really hope you can come! Head to the 'Patchwork' page to book yourself a ticket or two before they go - word is spreading very fast about this...

See you there!

We're on the web!

Welcome to our shiny new website! We have an exciting year ahead so do keep checking this page to see what we're up to. Thanks to the folks at Help Musicians UK who run the Peter Whittingham Award, we have been given £5000 funding which is really going to help take our plans for the orchestra to the next level. We're setting up our own night called 'Patchwork' which is very exciting, and plans for an album are in the pipeline too. Meanwhile, take a look round the new site and find out who we are and what we're all about.

On another note we were very pleased recently to be invited to play at the 25th anniversary celebration of the Peter Whittingham award at Kings Place in London, hosted by Julian Joseph. It was a great evening with performances also from past winners of the award Soweto Kinch and Stretch Trio. Here is a photo taken from our set, in what appears to be Sam Rapley full steam ahead mid solo. Nice.