Patchwork Jazz Orchestra are a London-based millennial big band that has no leader, but a collective of composers using the ensemble as a platform for fresh sounds and ideas. A factory of sound, materialising the musical fantasies of a new generation of jazz musicians.

With such a melting pot of influences and characters, the music ranges from luscious and sweet melodies to broad walls of sound; from drum and bass to funeral marches; from fairytale ballads to calypso. The musical glue binding it together are the seventeen musicians that power the vibrations and their universal passion for improvisation. Drawing on the legacy of the big band format, PJO have reframed it into a well-oiled machine that embraces a modern day philosophy of music making.

Having already met through other smaller ensembles and subgroups, many members of the band had a desire not only to play more large ensemble music, but to have the opportunity and environment to write for it. Ideas for the band began forming in early 2014, and in November that year the 17-piece group made its debut to a sell out audience at the London Jazz Festival.

Now with a successful debut album under their belt, Patchwork Jazz Orchestra’s music and performances have been capturing the minds of many as a unique and exciting ensemble that is advancing the progression of big band music.


“This impressive project unites some of the London jazz scene’s brightest young sparks into a single multi-headed beast that provides a wide-ranging, ambitious showcase for everyone’s writing, arranging, soloing and reading chops while retaining an infectious sense of fun.”

- Eddie Myer, Jazz Views

“Patchwork Jazz Orchestra is as good as it gets; a world-class ensemble that deserves and needs to be heard more widely and more regularly.”

- Roger Farbey, Jazz Journal

“Kenton, Gil Evans, Wheeler and others showed the way and these boys have found it and, maybe even widened and extended the road.”

- Lance Liddle, Bebop Spoken Here

"Patchwork Jazz Orchestra are plugged into the spirit of the current London jazz scene, littered with talented writers and players unafraid of thinking big."

- Julian Joseph